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- MARCH 2020 -


Dear Visitor,

Outlook on the Coronavirus?


In my lifetime, I have never witnessed a pandemic nor the stock market swings as I have over the last couple of weeks. Three years ago, the DOW JONES was around 17,000 points and three months ago, the DOW hit a record high around 30,000.  This virus and global outbreak, along with the media, is venturing into uncharted waters.  Fear, uncertainty, and the government are being tested as well as every US citizen. 

As an investor, when market swings come into effect, we get emotional and start to panic.  This is a natural behavior, and the market does not know how to react to this pandemic.  In the past, specific economic indicators provided us with clear direction of where the market is heading. No fundamentals or models can predict the future nor analyze the next step for our financial markets.  

What I do know, we have been through several bear markets and financial crisis.  Examples; Enron, 9/11, 2007/2008, and 2013 Financial Crisis.  Time after time, the US has over come these crisis and so has the markets!  Over the past week, most everyone has lost their gains, some have lost more.  I have been on conference call after conference call.  The main reason the big drops, large institutions are selling off large books of stocks (millions).  However, this affects the individual investor, including me.  When will the market level off, no one knows!  

Leave you with this thought.  You don't lose or gain in the market until you SELL!  We cannot time the market, nor predict the future. The market is a long term investment and this pandemic will also pass.  Keep your longterm goals in tact, because who knows what a year from now will look like.

Stay well and stay healty!

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